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The Backstory

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ES Corner is a Handmade Leather Goods Brand based in Hong Kong that created by husband and wife Ernest and Sandy. I had spent over 14 years in the graphic design and photography industry before. Sandy was working as a makeup artist before we started ES Corner, but we felt that we hope to not only to come up with ideas but also make something with our own two hands. And leather was it for us. We started to make our first simple leather goods for daily use, then tried to make some cases and holders for our equipments and tools. We are thankful for the nice feedbacks we got from the customers when we tried to sell our leather goods at the local market and that’s how ES Corner was born!


Build with heart

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All our products are 100% handmade, we handcraft leather goods from either Italian vegetable tanned leather or leather from the U.S. or Japan that has been specifically sourced for its high quality. We enjoy the process from initial design concepts to actually packaging and sending the items to customers. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our ideas and concepts come to live by handcrafting them and then even communicate with our customers about the order statues, feedback and future releases.

Your support means a lot to us! Just like a review from one of our customer Brian, the feedback encourage us continue to improve our services and products, towards our aim to deliver the highest possible level of care, personalized and our service to you, our happy customer.

“I finally received the card wallet. A Little delay with the post office due to weather but when i contacted the owner they responded so quickly and followed up with me.

I greatly appreciate your great customer service and your card wallet is beautifully made. I absolutely love it! I’ve been using it as my daily wallet for about a week now. Love the quality and the craftsmanship of leather and stitching.

Thank you so very much for your time, care and beautiful wallet.“

-Brian C., MD



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We love travel around the world to train our curiosity, discover and learning about new cultures as well as meeting new people with whom to share life’s experiences. We will write down the ideas on our little visual diary whenever we found something interesting during the trip, or even write it on the receipt which i could easily get in my pocket. But sometimes the ideas just walk away with the receipt and continues their journey in the country that we’ve been.



ES Corner Handmade Leather Inspiration Sky Cloud Sheep

Less is more. Learn through trial, we strip everything back to necessity to get something that function but also minimal. Life that you want to live. Find the beauty in simplicity and Simplify Your Life In Style. We always said “do what you love” and now we really enjoy what we are doing. 


Thank you so much for your support,
Ernest & Sandy
ES Corner


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